Annie Pitts, Burger Kid

Book 3

Written and illustrated by Diane deGroat
SeaStar Books 2000
ISBN 1587170159
Ages 7 - 10

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A Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award nominee

Annie Pitts, future actress extraordinaire, wants nothing more than to be chosen as the new Burger Barn poster kid, and she can't wait until the auditions on the day after Thanksgiving. Winning the contest would certainly impress her snooty cousin, Mercedes, and her pesky classmate, Matthew. But first she has to make it through a harrowing Thanksgiving dinner with both Matthew and Mercedes at the table! With her appetite for amusing antics, the irrepressible Annie Pitts has it her way in this deliciously enjoyable comedy.

Horn Book The spunky heroine of the Annie Pitts series auditions for a Burger Barn poster ad, but first she must survive Thanksgiving with her older cousin Mercedes and her pesky classmate, Matthew, when a resulting turkey overdose threatens her audition. DeGroat's charming pencil illustrations join well-grounded characterizations in this slim, saucy chapter book offering. ALB

BCCB ...This is an amiable snack of a book with satisfying bite-sized chapters. Annie is a forceful character, and her exploits balance their slightly unlikely drama with believable kid impulses and responses. deGroat's realistic soft pencil drawings give freckled faced Annie her personable due.

Booklist Always jockeying for center stage, the engaging, indomitable Annie Pitts once again steals the show, though not in the way she intended. Annie is determined to be the new poster kid for Burger Barn, her favorite restaurant. Filled with clever, humorous plot details, these seemingly unrelated events meld into a delightful laugh-out-loud example of how the dramatic and highly imaginative Annie embellishes everyday life. Energetic black-and-white drawings and the warm relationship between the spunky protagonist and her grandmother add even more to this installment in Annie's antics. Fans of Annie's other adventures won't be disappointed.