Love, Lola

Written and illustrated by Diane deGroat
Night Sky Books 2003
ISBN 1590140826
Ages 3 - 6

Out of Print. Look for it in your school or local library.

It's Valentine's Day and Lola is busy! She's created just the right costume from her dress-up box to deliver secret valentines to everyone she loves - even her big brother Gilbert. But Valentine's Day has surprises for everyone - including Lola.

Meet Lola, the younger sister of Gilbert, star of Diane de Groat's popular picture-book series. Lola has a special dress-up box, filled with wonderful things that help her celebrate every holiday in style. Lola's adventures will entertain and amuse readers again and again. Lola secretly delivers valentines to everyone she loves - even Gilbert. But the biggest surprise of all is addressed to Lola herself!

Publisher's Weekly Gilbert, Diane deGroat's beloved opossum, makes a guest appearance in Love, Lola, part of Lola's Dress-Up Box Series. Fold-out flaps extend the story line as Lola (Gilbert's younger sister) dons a cap and carryall to hand-deliver Valentine's Day cards.