Gus and Gertie and the Missing Pearl

By Joan Lowery Nixon    Illustrated by Diane deGroat
SeaStar 2000
ISBN 1587170221
ages 6 - 8

Out of print. Look for it in your school or local library.

Gus and Gertie are all set for their elegant vacation on Holiday Island. But it looks like they got off the ferry on the wrong side of the island...and the rascally ruffians they run into are just the brginning of their troubles. Before they know it, Gertie's precious deep-sea pearl is missing-and every seafaring scallywag in sight looks like the culprit! Can you put together the hidden clues and find the real villian before it's too late?

When Gus and Gertie arrive on Holiday Island, they find a haven of seagoing scallywags, riffraff, and ruffians. It isn't long before Gertie's precious deep-sea pearl is stolen--but who's to blame? The culprit is revealed by clues cleverly hidden in Gus's hastily taken snapshots. Can readers crack the case before it's too late? Joan Lowery Nixon's mysterious high jinks and Diane deGroat's rowdy cast of characters create a fast-paced whodunit for newly independent readers.

Featured in the New York Times Book Review