One Small Dog

Written by Johanna Hurwitz   Illustrated by Diane deGroat
HarperCollins Juvenile Books 2000
ISBN 0688173829
Ages 9 - 12
Out of print. Look for it in your school or local library.

When Curtis's parents get divorced, he has a hard time getting used to all the changes. But there is one thing that will make him feel better -- a dog. At the animal shelter, Curtis finds Sammy, a friendly puppy with curly black fur, floppy ears, and perfect white teeth. He is sure he has chosen the very best dog in the whole shelter. But when Sammy bites Curtis's mom, Curtis must face the reality that his puppy might not be so perfect after all. Beloved author Johanna Hurwitz writes with sensitivity about adjusting to a new family situation and the dilemma of loving a problem pet.This touching story will have Hurwitz fans wondering: Will Curtis have to give Sammy up? Or will he do whatever it takes to keep his new best friend?

From The Horn Book "...told with her customary empathy and clear style while stretching boundaries a bit for her readers."