Peter's Song

By Carol P. Saul    Illustrated by Diane deGroat
Aladdin/Simon & Schuster 1992

Ages 3 - 8
Out of print

Peter was not a happy piglet! He lived to write songs, and he liked to sing them. Oe morning, he woke up with a new song in his head and, when he tried to sing it to his friends at breakfast, they all shunned him. Around the barnyard he trotted, looking for someone to listen. But everyone it seemed was just too busy. Even his mother, who was having a nap, put him off till later. His feelings hurt, Peter decided to run away and find someone who would listen to his song. Along the way he stopped to rest, and began to sing:

"Oh, I'm a little pig,
oinky oinky oinky oink.
And I'm really not so big,
oinky oinky oinky oink,
But I like to sing a song,
oinky oinky oinky oink,
Do you want to sing along?
oinky oinky oinky OINK!"

"RRRibit," came the answer. Miracles of miracles, it was a frog names Francis John who, like Peter, was a singer of songs. So was born, not only a duet, but a friendship in this tender tale by first-time author, Carol P. Saul, charmingly illustrated by Diane deGroat.

Publishers Weekly The talents of newcomer Saul and veteran illustrator Diane deGroat ...mesh splendidly in this buoyant tale of a pert piglet.

School Library Journal The theme of a child bursting with enthusiasm to share a creative effort will strike a chord in youngsters.