Our Teacher's Having a Baby

Written by Eve Bunting   Illustrated by Diane deGroat
Clarion 1992
ISBN 0395604702
ages 5 - 8

Out of Print. Look for it in your school or local library.

When Mrs. Neal tells her first grade class that she's going to have a baby, the children are surprised. Only mothers have babies! "Teachers can be mother's, too," Mrs. Neal reminds them. As the weeks pass, Samantha, Mike, Polly, and the rest of the class get excited about the baby. They write letters to it, think up possible names, and design a baby room on the bulletin board. Then one day Mrs. Neal stops coming to school, and the principal tells them that she's had a baby girl. The first graders are happy, but they begin to worry. What if their teaher never comes back? Warmly illustrated by Diane deGroat, this new story by Eve Bunting explores children's fascination with babies in a fresh and sympathetic way.