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Books Illustrated by Diane deGroat

Lucy Bate
 Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth 2006
 Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth 1975
Elizabeth T. Billington
 Part Time Boy 1980
Bonnie Bogart
 The Ewoks Join the Fight 1983
Eve Bunting
 Sunshine Home 1994
 Our Teacher's Having a Baby 1992
 A Turkey for Thanksgiving 1991
 One More Flight 1976
Stephanie Calmenson
 Kinderkittens/Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?1995
 Kinderkittens/ Show and Tell 1994
Eleanor Clymer
 Luke Was There 1973
Barbara Cohen
 The Long Way Home 1990
 The Orphan Game 1988
 The Christmas Revolution 1987
Pam Conrad
 I Don't Live Here 1984
Diane deGroat
 The Adventures of Robo-Kid 2022
 Homer 2012 (with Shelley Rotner)
 Gilbert and the Lost Tooth 2012
 Ants in Your Pants, Worms in your Plants (Gilbert Goes Green!) 2011
 Dogs Don't Brush Their Teeth! (with Shelley Rotner) 2009
 Gilbert, the Surfer Dude 2009
 April Fool! Watch Out at School! 2009
 Mother, You're the Best! (But Sister, You're a Pest!)! 2008
 Last One in Is a Rotten Egg! 2007
 No More Pencils, No More Books, No More Teacher's Dirty Looks 2006
 Brand-new Pencils, Brand-new books 2005
 Lola Hides the Eggs 2005
 Lola's Trick or Treat 2004
 Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire 2003
 Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite 2003
 Love, Lola 2002
 Lola the Elf 2002
 We Gather Together...Now Please Get Lost! 2001
 Annie Pitts, Burger Kid 2000
 Jingle Bells, Homework Smells 2000
 Happy Birthday to You, You Belong in a Zoo 1999
 Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet 1998
 Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink 1996
 Annie Pitts, Swamp Monster 1994
 Annie Pitts, Artichoke 1992
 Aligator's Toothache 1977
Barbara Dillon
 Who Needs a Bear? 1981
Ree Drummond
 Charlie Rock Star 2015
 Charlie Plays Ball 2015
 Charlie's New Friend 2014
 Charlie Goes to the Doctor 2014
 Charlie and the New Baby 2014
 Charlie the Ranch Dog - Charlie's Snow Day 2013
 Charlie the Ranch Dog - Where's the bacon? 2013
 Charlie Goes to School 2013
 Charlie and the Christmas Kitty 2012
 Charlie the Ranch Dog 2011
Kathryn Ernst
 Owl's New Cards 1977
 Mr. Tamarin's Trees 1976
Lisa Gollin Evans
 The Elephant Never Forgets His Snorkle 1992
Margo Finch
 Christmas Cookies 1989
 A Christmas Mix-up 1989
 The Night Before Christmas 1989
 The Twelve Days of Christmas 1989
John D. Fitzgerald
 The Great Brain is Back! 1994
Valerie Flournoy
 The Twins Strike Back 1980
Jamie Gilson
 Bug in a Rug 1998
 It Goes Eeeeeeeeee! 1994
 Itchy Richard 1991
Mary Downing Hahn
 Anna on the Farm 2001
 Anna All Year Round 1999
Mamie Hegwood
 My Friend Fish 1975
Adelaine Holl
 Pretending 1973
Patricia Hubbell
 Pots and Pans 1998
Johanna Hurwitz
 One Small Dog 2000
 Aldo Peanut Butter 1990
 Hurricane Elaine 1986
 DeDe Takes Charge 1984
 Tough Luck Karen 1982
Barbara Isenberg
 Albert The Running Bear Gets The Jitters 1987
 Albert The Running Bear's Exercise Book 1984
Amy Goldman Koss
 How I Saved Hanukkah 1998
Jean Van Leeuwen
 The Great Summer Camp Catastrophe 1992
Anne LeMieux
 Fruitflies, Fish and Fortune Cookies 1994
Marilyn Levinson
 And Don't Bring Jeremy 1985
Lois Lowry
 Zooman Sam 2000
 All About Sam 1998
 See You Around Sam! 1996
 Attaboy, Sam! 1992
Lynn Marie Luderer
 The Toad Intruder 1982
Harriet Luger
 Chasing Trouble 1976
Fran Manushkin
 Be Brave Baby Rabbit 1990
 Little Rabbit's Baby Brother 1986
Christine McDonnell
 Just For The Summer 1987
 Lucky Charms and Birthday Wishes 1984
 Toad Food and Measle Soup 1982
 Don't Be Mad, Ivy 1981
Kate McMullan
 Great Advice From Lila Fenwick 1988
 The Great Eggspectations of Lila Fenwick 1991
 The Great Ideas of Lila Fenwick 1986
Eve Merriam
 Where Is Everybody? 1989
Herbert Montgomery
 Multiple Choice Stories 1973
Marcia Newfield
 A Book for Jodan 1975
Joan Lowery Nixon
 Gus & Gertie and the Lucky Charms 2002
 Gus & Gertie and the Missing Pearl 2000
Steven Nickman
 When Mom and Dad Divorce 1986
Elinor Parker
 Four Seasons, Five Senses 1973
Lucille Recht Penner
 The Little Women Book 1995
P. J. Petersen
 Some Days, Other Days 1994
Marie Polushkin
 Bubba and Babba 1976
Bonnie Pryor
 Merry Christmas Amanda and April 1990
 Amanda and April 1986
Joanne Rocklin
 Jace the Ace 1990
Stephen Roos
 Never Trust a Sister Over Twelve 1993
Kevin Roth
 Lullabies for Little Dreamers 1992
Pam Munoz Ryan
 A Pinky Is a Baby Mouse and Other Baby Animal Names 1997
 Armadillos Sleep in Dugouts 199
Carol Saul
 Peter's Song 1992
Susan Shreve
 Amy Dunn Quits School 1993
 Wait For Me 1992
 The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates 1984
 Bad Dreams of a Good Girl 1982
Seymour Simon
 Animal Fact/ Animal Fable 1979
Teddy Slater
 Wrong Way Rabbit 1993
Anne Snyder
 My Name Is Davey 1977
 Nobody's Family 1975
Sylvia Sunderlin
 Antrim's Orange 1976
Robin Thrush
 The Gray Whales are Missing 1987
Tobi Tobias
 How Your Mother and Father Met 1978
Ann Tompert
 Badger on His Own 1978
Ruth Wallace-Brodeur
 Stories From the Big Chair 1989
Kimberly Weinberger
 Our Thanksgiving 1999
Cathy West
 Willow: the Picture Storybook 1988
Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Dr. Ruth Talks to Kids 1993
Nikki Yektai
 Hi Bears, Bye Bears 1990
 Bears in Pairs 1988
Merriam Young
 Truth and Consequences 1975
Mike Young
 The Story of Super Ted 1985